Retirement income. Living expenses. Rollovers. Inflation. Taxes. For many, these are the only certainties the future holds. Everything else is guesswork. But, what if you could get a realistic perspective on the ability of your income and assets to help meet your long-term needs and objectives? What if you could plan for a sense of security for your financial future for yourself and your loved ones?

You can - with the help of the qualified investment team at First Financial Group of the South. Through an array of wealth management services, we provide clear investment plans tailored to your goals and objectives. Our proprietary model can help take the guesswork out of long-range financial planning, help you plan your financial future, help you decide whether the course you're following today is prudent or even adequate, and help you determine what might happen to you, financially, if circumstances change.

First Financial Group of the South has extensive experience in wealth management for affluent individuals, families, and small business owners throughout the United States. Additionally, registered associates of FFG operate under the broker-dealer of Lincoln Financial Advisors, an affiliate of Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE: LNC) - a Fortune 500 company that had assets under management of $250 billion as of March 1, 2018 - and its affiliates. (For more information, including a copy of our most recent SEC reports containing our balance sheets, please visit www.LFG.com.)

Your life is not static, and neither are your financial goals. Whether you are planning for your child's education or your own retirement, if you are ready to chart your own financial course, I would like to talk to you. If you are ready to get started today, feel free to give me a call at (toll free) 888-321-0078.

B. Dale Henderson, CRPC®, CFS®