About Us


Clients seeking financial planning may engage FFG services on a fee basis. Consultants quote rates on a flat fee basis after an initial consultation. The fee depends on the complexity of the situation. Investment advisory services may also be provided on a fee basis through the registered investment advisor approved asset management programs. When the FFG consultant assists with the implementation of other investment and/or insurance programs, the selected companies will pay a commission.
FFG's goal is to assist clients with ongoing financial decisions. This gives the client more control of their financial situation as a means to provide a comfort level for themselves and future generations.


A key element of a successful financial plan is implementation. FFG advisors are able to assist clients by recommending various asset management programs and by securing other financial products as needed. When appropriate we work with a client's other professional advisors such as their attorney and accountant to assure the overall plan is coordinated with all aspects of their financial decision making.

Periodic reviews and checkpoints are essential for reviewing progress toward goals and to make adjustments for tax law changes, changes in the economic environment, inheritances, job changes, retirement, etc.


FFG associates strive to provide clients with personalized, detailed direction and information. The process begins by understanding a client's current financial position and obtaining relevant documentation. The consultant then assists the client in establishing goals and objectives and setting priorities.

An assessment of a client's situation is completed by the Firm's Planning Department in concert with the FFG consultant, and a coordinated financial plan is developed. Emphasis is placed on client goals and objectives, which may include future positions of cash flow and net worth, an assessment of retirement resources, recommendations for appropriate investment positioning, insurance, and estate planning to facilitate tax-efficient distributions to future generations. When applicable, other issues such as college funding are addressed. In addition, many clients seek counsel when presented with early retirement offers or career change opportunities.